Aims of Rescue

Our aim at SGDR is to provide help and support with ALL aspects owning a Great Dane. Whether it be a nutritional enquiry, Behaviour problem or sadly, that you can no longer care for your Great Dane. Sometimes you just need a little extra support looking after your Dane through a difficult time.

We are not just here to take a Dane away, we are here to help resolve a situation if possible. If however your Dane does come into Rescue, we will put the care and welfare of your Dane first. Great Dane Welfare is our priority!

Fundraising & Donations

The Rescue is a not for profit organisation. Every Dane that comes through our door, receives the attention it needs. This costs money. Vet bills can run into hundreds of pounds and the day to day welfare costs of each Dane soon mounts up We urgently need funds to meet these costs. EVERY penny donated goes directly to the Danes.

WE appeal to your sense of generosity to support these gentle giants. All donations no matter how small are gratefully recieved. Please either donate online for the Danes or contact us directly. On behalf of all the Danes that you have helped and those still to helped, THANK YOU.


The rescue started about 30 years ago, on a very small scale. Since then it has grown steadily to cope with the increasing number of Danes now being bred.

The Rescues' aim is to find new, permanent and loving homes for Danes that have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned in Scotland. At the moment rescue is currently re-homing approximately 20+ Danes per year. Regretfully this figure has risen year on year.

Although the rescue is run in conjunction with and is part of the Scottish Great Dane Club, it derives its operating costs from donations and fund raising events.