Like all other dogs , Great Danes can have their share of Behavioural problems... some may be very straight forward to deal with, others may take a little more work... but given the size of a Great Dane, behavioural issues can seem to be ten times more of an issue than in a smaller dog!! We at SGDR totally understand that and are here to support and offer advice.

We are often contacted by distraught owners seeking answers for the behaviour of their Great Dane. When I think of the word Behaviour and try and apply it to Great Danes, I find myself throwing the text books out of the window!!! For anyone who has ever owned a Great Dane knows that Great Danes are genuinely a Breed apart!!!! Danes do not conform to the standard txt books... Danes do not always respond to standard txt books...Danes would just normally destroy the standard txt books.!!!!

Joking aside , Great Danes can exhibit all the same behavioural problems as any other breed but the difference is, their size and that they don't respond to traditional training methods the same way as other breeds. Remember these beautiful dogs come into this world as big babies...and continue to grow into gentle giants!!! However, if they are not socialised, or taught ground rules, or if they are allowed to rule the roost, you WILL have serious problems once they reach maturity ....... if not before!!!

Their size alone makes what is perhaps easily resolved in a small breed, ten times more challenging with them!!! I am not intending to cover all aspects of behavioural problems here as it is impossible to cover every scenario and provide solutions in this short section. (Remember that what might work for one Dane, may NOT work for another!!!) Each Dane must be assessed and its background history taken into consideration when deciding on a course of action to resolve a behavioural problem . If you need advice or guidance of ANY kind PLEASE contact us. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! Remember,the earlier you seek help in resolving a behavioural issue, the easier it will be to deal with it. Scottish Great Dane Rescue is not just here to re home your Dane ......We are also here to help you keep them!!

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