Taking On A Rescue Dane

If you decide to give a loving home to a Great Dane, then you won't be disappointed!! Yes your life will change.. but for the better!

You'll find it very rewarding and the love you will receive in return is second to none! We will do our utmost to match you with the perfect Dane for you.

We provide support 24/7.. 365 days of the year ! No matter what the query is, we will be here to support you. In the UNLIKELY event that you can no longer look after your rescue Dane, then we ALWAYS take our Danes back

Rehoming Your Dane

All Danes are assessed by us prior to being placed on our rehoming list.

They will undergo a veterinary medical assessment. We neuter all Danes if not already neutered but will seek veterinary advice if there is a reason not to neuter.

It can be a devastating time for the previous owner and we try, where possible, to provide an update on how the Dane is settling in its new home.